Measurable Results

We measure results of our interventions some time after their completion. We do so by inviting the observations of third parties. Statistical testing of a pre-versus-post measurement goes well beyond mere collection of satisfaction scores. 

Fact Based

All of our models and interventions are based on solid scientific research. We go beyond face validity and popular theory. 


We offer services in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

Our name

Long before the use of our characters, the Scandinavian cultures had runes. This script was a whole set of symbols that served as a guide for the questions of life, and every sign had a symbolic value. Kenaz is the rune of controlled fire, the royal will and craftsmanship. As such, the symbol refers to openness, creativity and inspiration. 

Our mission

We want to strengthen the competence of individuals and teams to make their own choices and by doing so contribute to meeting the objectives of their organization.