EHS is high on the agenda for every company management. And rightfully so. But everyone knows that - when push comes to shove - the subject often conflicts with other priorities.

How can you as a safety manager make sure your company management keeps on focusing on the right things and continues to listen to your ideas?


We offer the following insights to participants of this programme:

1.  How to achieve greater acceptance of your safety message?

2.  How to speak your company management’s language?

3.  What are the techniques and strategies to get and keep safety on your company management’s list of top priorities more easily?


1.  Input about necessary conditions to be able to have an impact.

2.  Offering techniques to permanently mobilise your company management into action.

3.  Applying the new tools to your own case.

Target group

This programme is intended for EHS managers who want to increase their effectiveness with their company management.