Recent research from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam has shown that direct managers are the most decisive factor for a team’s safety culture. Though leadership must meet a number of essential conditions for this.


1.  Knowing which leadership style is productive and which one is counterproductive.

2.  Knowing the importance of setting the example and understanding how to use this mechanism to sustainably change safety behaviour.

3.  Having strategies to make a number of relevant steps with your team in terms of safety culture.

4.  Knowing how to make use of the collective safety mind as a manager.


1.  Input about the correlation between leadership and safe behaviour, and specific essential factors.

2.  Offering techniques to adapt your leadership style to the situation and the person you have in front of you.

3.  Applying the new tools to your own case and working them out in a plan of action.

Target group
This programme is directed at everyone in a managerial role.