Why Kenaz?

  • Measurable Results
  • Fact Based
  • International

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Learn about our unique approach and spearhead products through open enrollment

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  • Internalizing
  • company values

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Inhouse Trainings

  • Influence
  • Leadership

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Safety Mind

Sustainable change of safety culture

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  • Meeting facilities
  • Coordination of your trainings

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Looking back over the many years of collaboration with Kenaz, we invariably managed to address the core organizational needs. The approach of Kenaz is strongly fact-based and never « flavour of the month ». Jan and his team get very quickly under the skin of the managers. Working with Kenaz for me, is working with a partner who really makes a lasting impact on the strenghth of an organization.

Mark Goyens

Former President Bekaert Asia


Jan Van Der Vurst et son équipe ont une approche très spécifique de la formation. Ils vous permettent d’éprouver ce que signifie un bon ou un mauvais peoplemanagement. Kenaz crée des expériences qui auront un impact tout au long de votre carrière. Les meilleurs conseils que j’ai pu recevoir à ce jour proviennent de mes parents et de Jan.

Hubert Vanhoe

Chief Operating Officer USG People


Vanaf 1996 al werken wij samen met Kenaz in trainingen op alle niveaus in onze organisatie. De kracht van Kenaz zit in de vernieuwende aanpak, de flexibiliteit en vooral het vermogen om aan te sluiten bij de bedrijfsdoelstellingen en de ontwikkeling van de mensen daamee te 'alignen

Arne Karte

Management Development Tata Steel Europe

Who are we?

In order to create sustainable results, we simultaneously focus on four areas:

Knowing, Ability, Willingness and Practice.

Knowledge and Ability speak for themselves. Willingness refers more than anything else to the belief that change is possible. Exploring and expanding beliefs is a central theme in all we do. Practice refers to creating the right conditions to solidly bridge the knowing-doing gap.

In order to guarantee results we intensively involve the work context and make them part and parcel of the learning process. 

We are strong at

Creating general customer satisfaction (Qfor audit) 100%

Creating participant satisfaction 95%